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Yardley Threaded Inserts

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yeardley threaded inserts

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Raspberry PI Robot Kit

Build ya a sexbot!

Raspberry Pi 3 Robot Kit from SunFounder
Raspberry Pi Kit

This is the perfect box to build whatever you want!

With speech recognition, simple, visual coding, motor/servo drivers, and analog and digital ports, this box with Raspberry Pi included is the perfect base for any of your projects!

  • Raspberry Pi Model 3 B
  • Motor/Servo driver board
  • Use included visual programming code (Dragit) or Python
  • 8 channel RPi GPIOs and 5 analog ports for sensors and actuators
  • Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text capable
  • Lead Time: this product takes approximately 30 days to arrive.


  • Regular price: $149.99
  • Pay in 4 interest-free installments of $37.49 with ShopPay

HOW TO: make a wireless camera from shit round the house

Got an old cell phone laying around pretending to be a paperweight? SURE YA DO! Round up your old phones and watch the video. It’s mildly entertaining and easy.

No one is safe: “This tiny $30 device can break into your car and home.”

hack home security systems with this cheap electronic pussy device / cum

This super-small piece of electronics can hack into your car and home, and it requires only $30 to make. Not everyone wants to accept this simple truth, but that doesn’t make it any less real: hackers outpace security advancements. When it comes to both online security and real-world security, hackers have already devised 10 new tools by the time security researchers come up with an effective way to block one old tool. As a result, no one is ever truly safe — and a new device recently shown off by a well-known security researcher is yet another example of just how vulnerable we really are.

Online and offline security expert Samy Kamkar took to Defcon 2015 to show off a tiny device he calls “Rolljam.” The device is as shockingly simple as it is devious and brilliant, and it can be used to break into just about any car. Worse yet, it can even be used to break into a target’s home.

Rolljam is a tiny series of circuit boards with three in-built radios, Wired reports. It works by using two of the radios to jam the wireless signal sent out by a car’s keyless entry remote, while the third radio reads the code that was transmitted by the remote, which is then stored on the device.

Keyless entry devices use a system of rolling codes to prevent hackers from stealing them wirelessly and reusing them at will. Once a code is used a single time, it cannot be used again — and therein lies the brilliance of the Rolljam device.

Since the device blocks the signal from a car’s key fob while it is being transmitted, the unique code never reaches the owner’s car. The next time he or she presses the unlock button, a new code will be transmitted and it will successfully unlock the car. But that first code was never actually used, so the Rolljam can then transmit it at a later time and it will successfully unlock the target car.

Kamkar’s device was used to successfully unlock cars made by Nissan, Cadillac, Ford, Toyota, Lotus, Volkswagen and Chrysler, and it also worked perfectly with a number of garage door openers, potentially giving the user access to a target’s home